Bereavement Ministry - Members of this ministry assist the family in planning the Mass of Christian Burial for their loved one, making sure that the liturgy reflects their wishes and needs.  Volunteers are also needed to be present at the funeral liturgies and to be responsible for follow up mailings of greeting cards and letters. Training will be provided for anyone interested in assisting with this vital parish ministry. Please contact our Parish Office (791-9004)

Building & Grounds - Members of this group have experience in the fields of maintenance and construction.  Their function is to assist the Business Manager and Pastoral Council in establishing guidelines and specifications of proposed projects and to assist in the long-term planning of the parish facilities.

Community Outreach- The Community Outreach Group brings to the attention of the Parish, needs for social change and addresses social justice issues in the community at large. They strive to reach across social boundaries, to stand by the poor and vulnerable in our community, to protect human life and care for creation. The main current activity for this group is the Christmas at Downtown program.

Dad’s & Men’s Club - This group of parish men is dedicated to the upkeep of the parish gymnasium and other parish buildings and grounds as needed.  Money is raised through member dues and various fundraisers.  The group meets on the first Wednesday of each month except July to plan and socialize.  All men of the parish are welcome to the meetings.

Finance Commission - As with any family or institution, fiscal responsibility is a necessity.  The Finance Commission is charged with the upkeep of our monetary health by serving the Pastor as an advisory board, they consult with the parish Business Manager in preparing and approving the annual parish budget.

Grocery & Gift certificate Program - This is a year round fundraiser for the parish.  Certificates are available for many local grocery stores, merchandise stores, restaurants and gas stations, for parishioners to buy and use like cash toward their own purchases or for gift giving.  The parish purchases these certificates at a discount and in turn sells them at face value.  This is an easy way to donate to the church, with no extra out of pocket expense to you.  Certificates are available after Masses on Saturday evening and Sunday in church and in the Parish Office during office hours.

Offertory Money Counters - The purpose of the group of collection counters is to tally the offertory contributions of Sunday and holy days and to prepare the monies for deposit in the bank. If you are interested in helping with this, call the Parish Office.

Parish Library - The parish has a collection of excellent Catholic reference and reading materials as well as videos available for lending to members of the parish community. The Library is located in Letterst Hall and the bookshelf in the Good Shepherd Room in church.  There are opportunities available for organizing and servicing the library and opening it to the parish community. To browse the Library in Letterst Hall call the Parish Office.

Parish Festival - The St. John Parish Festival is the largest fundraiser contributing to the parish general fund.  One of the main objectives of the Festival is to bring the Parish Family together to build community while having fun at the same time.  The Festival runs the second weekend in June, Friday evening through Sunday evening.  The Festival Board begins planning nearly a year in advance on a monthly basis and input from all parishioners is welcome.  Volunteers are needed for booth chairpersons and for working two-hour shifts in the booths at the Festival.  

Parish Mission - Each Lent, a Mission led by a guest speaker is sponsored by St. John the Evangelist Parish in conjunction with parishioners at St. Saviour Parish.

Pastoral Council - Members of the Pastoral Council are elected or volunteer to serve a three-year term. The Council advises the pastor, assisting in the discernment of parish needs and reflecting on the issues of the parish at large. Council assists the pastor in developing a pastoral plan to carry out the church's mission. It helps the pastor and staff set priorities among broader issues, and in evaluating the parish's actions in light of those plans and priorities.  Pastoral Council meets on the fourth Monday of each month August through June.

Prayer Chain - The St. John & St. Saviour Prayer Chain is a group of people who answer prayer requests in times of special need or for emergency situations. Anyone may call the Parish Office or any prayer chain member with an intention. There is no set form on how one is to pray or which prayers to say. The benefits are numerous, not only to those prayed for, but also for those who do the praying.   We are always interested in having more people as part of the chain to pray for those in need. Call the Parish Office to request prayers or to join the chain.

Stewardship Committee - This subcommittee of Pastoral Council is dedicated to raising parishioner awareness of the many parish groups and ministries, encouraging active participation and support by all.

St. John Women's Group - A social group open to women of all ages.  We meet at various venues in the area once a month and socialize.  Conversations run the gamut - between serious and funny.  There are no activities to lead, no responsibilities, just a wonderful night out with women of the parish!

St. Vincent de Paul-This Society assists the needy and less fortunate living within our parish boundaries. The Society operates according to the "Rule" of the Society and those of the Archdiocesan Council of the Society. They meet on the 1st Monday of each month in Letterst Hall, if you are interested in being an active member, call 791-9004. A 2nd collection in months with a 5th Sunday and occasional food collections assist this Conference with their ministry.

Worship Commission-This committee plans for the spiritual development of the parish community, working with the Pastor to provide meaningful liturgies and other related programs helping parishioners to pray and to worship God.


For more information on any group or is you have suggestions for a new group, please contact the Parish Office at 513-791-9004